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What folks are saying about working with Kaleigh



Dr. Mulpeter is a true asset to our community. She has an intuitive and innovative approach that combines evidence based physical therapy methods with breath work, yoga and meditation. She is prepared to care for people in all stages of their reproductive journey. We share the care of a variety of gynecologic patients who range from pelvic pain, dyspareunia, interstitial cystitis and endometriosis to pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Dr. Mulpeter compassionately creates individualized management plans at a pacing that is appropriate for each patient. She also cares for patients with anticipated prenatal and postnatal body changes and helps them to regain their core and pelvic floor strength. Dr. Mulpeter is open minded, approachable and an effective communicator. My patients simply adore Dr. Mulpeter and rave about their experience. Our shared patients truly thrive in her care.


Dr. Kaleigh Mulpeter has been an amazing resource for our patients! As an OB/GYN nurse practitioner, physical therapy is a vital part of our field. Kaleigh has an integrative approach that allows her to provide not only physical care to my patients, but also emotional. She looks at each person has a whole and customizes their treatment accordingly. Kaleigh goes above and beyond in all that she does for her patients. Her kindness and expertise are on another level. I am grateful to have her as part of our community providing the very best of care!


I have worked with several physical therapists in the past for various reasons, and Dr. Mulpeter is by far my favorite! She took the time to understand my challenges, my pain, my priorities, and worked out a program that was effective and that I was able to stick to. As we progressed in one area, my pain moved around a bit to other areas, so our work spanned pelvic floor PT as well as standard orthopedic PT and Kaleigh’s expertise in both areas was critical to the outcome.


I went to Kaleigh after an injury had been nagging me for 3 years. I was apprehensive to go to see yet another physical therapist, since I had seen several PTs over the years with no real improvement. At my first meeting with Kaleigh, I told her that I didn't expect to be pain free but if we could minimize my pain a little, that would be great. Kaleigh refused to accept that. She worked with me and found exercises that actually worked and figured out the root of  my pain. After only a couple of months (but lots of exercises!) I am happy to say that I am pain free. Something that I still cannot believe is real! Three years of living with an injury- cutting activities short, not doing things that I love for fear the pain would be worse - all of that is over. I am able to run, bike, hike and take long walks with no issues.


Not only is Kaleigh warm and caring but she helped alleviate the pain I had been managing for over a year in just a matter of a few visits. I was thrilled to be out of pain so quickly but also a little sad that my time working with her had come to an end. She understood physically and emotionally what I was going through, the combination of which made me feel supported, encouraged and motivated.


Kaleigh is a skilled and compassionate yoga teacher. I have practiced for twenty years in different methods with many different teachers and what I love about Kaleigh is that she keeps each class fresh. Her sequences are rhythmic, intuitive and intelligent. They flow beautifully and yet I never go on auto-pilot anticipating what is coming next. This keeps me truly present and in a moving meditation - what a beautiful thing!! Above all, Kaleigh's authentic warm-heartedness infuses each class. I leave with a deeper sense of gratitude every time.

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